Real Time Crime Center

The Police Foundation’s mission is to support excellence in the NYPD by sponsoring innovation. There is no better example of how funding through the Foundation enhances the NYPD than the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC).

The RTCC is the cornerstone of a visionary plan to introduce advanced technology to combat crime and equip the NYPD with the tools to meet the challenges of modern policing.

The first of its kind in the country, the RTCC manages vast amounts of criminal related data and provides rapid information to detectives. Data that once took weeks to process—such as arrest records, mug shots, warrant information—can now be transmitted to investigators in the field in “real time”.

Satellite imaging and mapping technology enable a real time picture of police resources throughout the city. The system provides the Department with the ability to:

  • Provide 911 call location mapping to better analyze how personnel and resources are used at any given moment across the city;
  • Track suspects to known addresses pointing detectives to locations where they are most likely to flee;
  • Download cell phone images from anywhere in the city and forward these pictures directly to field investigators;

Many high profile crimes including the shooting of Officer Timoshenko and the brutal attack on a Catholic school teacher in Brooklyn were solved with information provided through the Real Time Crime Center.