Neighborhood Policing

We are hearing story after story about how officers were able to respond more quickly and more effectively to crime and other problems because they are so firmly grounded in neighborhoods. And, I believe we have just scratched the surface of what neighborhood policing can accomplish.
- James P. O’Neill, Police Commissioner


Under the leadership of Commissioner James O’Neill the NYPD has implemented an ambitious plan to make Neighborhood Policing its focus citywide. Neighborhood Policing allows the NYPD to fight crime while building deeper relationships with the communities it serves. Officers on patrol are assigned to the same neighborhoods every day and become familiar with the people and issues in those neighborhoods.


      • In Neighborhood Policing Communities, shootings are declining 58 percent faster than in the rest of the City.
      • In Neighborhood Policing Communities, arrests are declining 10 times faster than in the rest of the City.
      • All precincts in Neighborhood Policing Communities have received increased calls for service.
      • The NYPD has held hundreds of community meetings since March 2017 and has met with over 7,000 residents.

The New York City Police Foundation will support this effort every step of the way as the NYPD seeks to build on its partnership with the community.

Police Foundation Support

Youth Safety Summits –The Foundation is supporting outreach efforts to build trust between youth and police including the “Talk to Me” Campaign which brings neighborhood officers into local schools.

Digital Communications Officers – The Foundation is working to train Digital Communications Officers and helping them to implement a communications strategy for each precinct.

Precinct Events – The Foundation is supporting a wide variety of local events ranging from community meetings to anti-violence rallies to youth activities, including the Build the Block campaign which promotes community meetings. For more information visit

Strategic Communications Fellowship – The Foundation is supporting a paid fellowship program to help young people across the City learn strategic communications skills and apply those skills to tell the story of their neighborhoods and make them safer. See their work at

Public Engagement Campaign

In 2018, The Foundation is funding a public engagement campaign to inform and engage the public in neighborhood policing. The campaign is designed to drive viewers to where they can find out about local meetings with their neighborhood police officers.