Neighborhood Policing

The NYPD directs every resource toward a singular mission: making the safest large city in America even safer. How we get there is the next level of Neighborhood Policing.
- Dermot Shea, Police Commissioner


Neighborhood Policing is reinventing the way the NYPD keeps the city safe and has become an essential part of everything the NYPD does. It is designed to greatly increase cop and community interaction, while simultaneously strengthening the NYPD’s crime-fighting capabilities. The Police Foundation is supporting community engagement activities to improve relations between the police and the public they serve.

The priority for the NYPD and for the Foundation is to engage the public in Neighborhood Policing to ensure its success throughout the city.

Police Foundation Support

Build the Block –The Foundation supported a citywide campaign to raise awareness about Neighborhood Policing and meetings taking place at the local level between police and the public they serve. Click here to learn more.

Options Program – A comprehensive program that provides young people with decision making skills, a voice in their community and career development opportunities. Click here to learn more.

Community Meetings – The Foundation sponsors events and meetings throughout the City to fully engage the public in the shared responsibility of Neighborhood Policing.

Community Partners – The Foundation helped to create the Community Partner Program in which 650 community leaders serve as liaisons between local cops and neighborhood residents.

Public Engagement Campaign

The Foundation funded a public engagement campaign to inform and engage the public in neighborhood policing. The campaign is designed to drive viewers to where they can find out about local meetings with their neighborhood police officers.